Mother-Daughter Dinner

Tonight was a rare evening where Kyra and I had dinner alone. Garrett was at a friend’s house, and my husband wasn’t home yet. All we were having was panini and crudite, but we decided to eat in the dining room. This time it wasn’t to have ambiance, but because Kyra’s ever-present drawings, cards, and crafts were spread all over the kitchen table. Whoever complains about having all girls should count how many hours their girls sit and draw, and imagine their boys running, throwing, and jumping all those hours.

Anyway, the panini were great: chicken, pesto, tomato and mozzarella. I threw some cucumbers and carrots in a chip and dip plate with dip to have a side. Uneventful, easy, and eaten without complaint. Which is good, because I am sick of food right now.

Much more interesting was the conversation. We lit the candles, dimmed the lights, sat down, and Kyra literally unloaded her life. She talked for 15 minutes straight before she took a bite. About…Matthew. She has a boyfriend, she starts with. His name is Matthew. He is very short. He sits at the table across the cafeteria and looks at her for the entire lunch time (does this kid have a staring problem?). Light skin like hers, blue eyes, brown hair, usually wears a brown shirt. He’s in Room 7. We discussed that she needs to talk to a boy before he is her boyfriend. So far, just staring, and the occasional wave. But she can’t talk to him about being her boyfriend, that is not allowed at school. So then we talked about topics she might want to talk about with Matthew. Her idea, “What is your favorite holiday?” I said that would be a good start.

God help me. I may never have dinner with her again. I can’t handle it.


1 Response to “Mother-Daughter Dinner”

  1. 1 Sarah Hu January 27, 2012 at 12:40 pm

    This sounds absolutely hilarious.

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