The “I don’t want to go to the store” dinner.

Because I am a type-A, obsessive-compulsive, overly organized, person, I usually plan all our dinners. I have blogged before about the benefits of planning meals in advance: only one trip to the grocery store, no moment of panic at the end of a long work day. I have no idea how working parents don’t do this. Despite all this OCD behavior, sometimes I just don’t want to go to the store. This week, I had meals planned through Wednesday night, but was supposed to go to the grocery store on Thursday to start all over.

I got lazy. So I thought I would share what type of meal I managed to scrounge (is this a word?) up from what I had laying around.  No surprise, it involved pasta, a staple that I am never, ever without. And one that everyone likes. I also try to keep shrimp in my freezer. Frozen shrimp is pretty much as good as fresh if you are cooking it in sauce, and it cooks in about 4 minutes. Hard to beat that. I also happened to have some fresh green beans. Thus, here is our somewhat unconventional meal:

I had some pesto too, to tie it all together. You know what? My kids ate this up without a complaint. In an unusual occurrence, Kyra asked for extra shrimp. Garrett helped himself to such a big second helping that there wasn’t enough for his dad to eat when he came home (Dad supplemented with leftovers). Sometimes throwing together a bunch of random ingredients works. So much for being Type-A. Before you know it, I am going to be laid back.


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