Picnic, Take One

Here is our week:

Monday: school picnic

Tuesday: piano and baseball

Wednesday: other school picnic

Thursday: baseball

How am I supposed to get dinner together amidst this chaos? Unclear. Tonight I made the executive decision that we would eat before the picnic. For three years I have run around like crazy, picking up pizza, packing sandwiches, you name it, only to get to the picnic and have my kids run away and play. I don’t see them again until the picnic is over, and then they announce that they are starving. At bedtime.

Instead I made grilled chicken sandwiches tonight before we left. I even went through the trouble to put lettuce and tomato on the sandwiches, which were delicious. Sometimes, as in fashion, accessories are the key to turning a sandwich into dinner.

I packed some fruit, cookies and drinks, which was super easy. So we felt like we were picnicking, but really we were standing around gossiping.

At least that is what the moms did. Speaking of which, I want to give props to the canoodling mom and younger boyfriend.



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