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It’s been a long time.

I knew I was in trouble when my mother mentioned, ever so gently, that I hadn’t blogged in a while. It is true, I have totally ignored this blog. I am still writing, just on a work blog (it is about law and ethics; most of this audience could care less).  I am still cooking too. My lack of attention to this blog springs from my overall stress level. 2012 is a banner year; one of those times in life where every aspect is popping at once.  My son had a First Communion, my sister and mom both had big birthdays that will involve a trip, I have been asked to develop a new class at work in a ridiculously short time, I have been asked to learn a bunch of new technology for work, I had to go to Provo, UT for work (this could be an entire blog by itself — imagine me with a bunch of mini-Mitt Romney people), I am supposed to be helping plan my 20th high school reunion, I am on an ethics committee for the U.S. Synchronized Swimming Team. And these are all my “extras,” above and beyond a full time job and a husband and kids. I am not complaining. I guess I am justifying. My mantra for 2012 is: “My life is full.”  It is true. I am blessed in every way, from family, friends, career, activities, and charity work. It just sucks when it all hits in one six month period.

Now that I have demonstrated that I have learned the art of excuses from my undergraduates, let me get back to food. Our dinners have run the gamut from pasta with jarred sauce to seared halibut with shallot butter sauce. Most of the time, we split the difference. Now that it has warmed up I am grilling more. Last week, in one of my most popular dinners in a while, I made BLT’s. Don’t laugh, BLT’s have protein, whole grains (whole wheat bread), and veggies. It was a strangely satisfying, easy, and summery meal.

One new meal I tried out recently were these Asian noodles with beef from Cooking Light. Here is their picture:

I used thicker noodles from the Asian food aisle, but I can’t remember what they were called. This was a tasty meal with unique flavors, but was made approachable by the noodles. Noodles make everything better in my house. The recipe calls for lots of different spices and sesame seeds. I didn’t have them all, so I improvised a bit. The beef was good, but you could easy make this with shrimp or chicken.

Last night we had artichokes, pork loin and roasted potatoes. Fairly boring, but my husband is such a meat and potatoes guy that he nearly cried with joy. My daughter ate only her artichoke. She had a ton of cake at a birthday party that afternoon. Just funny that she picks the vegetable to eat (albeit one that involves dipping in butter). Artichokes scare a lot of people, but I grew up eating them and continue to do so all the time. Last night I just steamed the artichokes, but I have a great slow cooker recipe that I discovered a few months ago. Try this. It is so easy and delicious. The only caveat with artichokes is that you really need good looking, fresh artichokes to be happy with the end product.

Kind of like a husband.